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real estate investing seminar free long island

Real estate investing seminar free long island


As an organization we focus on serving our members and assisting them each step of their real estate investing career. From beginner to experienced we are committed to helping get to the next level both personally and professionally. General Meetings provide members and guests with an interactive experience to learn, network, analyze real deals, overcome challenges, participate in opportnities and discuss changes they may be seeing out in the in the real estate investing field. I was a real estate agent and part time investor, rehabbing one or two properties a year. Since joining, I now have FIVE houses that I am currently rehabbing and have two wholesales under my belt. Everyone in the club is extremely helpful. Not only have I learned so much from the meetings, but the contacts I have made within the organization are wonderful. Whenever I have a question, I can shoot out an email and get the answer in seconds. I became interested in real estate after attending one of the many Flipping seminars that entice you with quick wealth. Both myself and my partner David look forward to being involved with the organization and hopefully doing some business in the future. Mentoring Masterminds, her goal is to motivate individuals to attain financial freedom through real estate investing. Melissa has been an advocate of emergency housing for victims of domestic abuse and for those disabled throughout Long Island, NY, and Birmingham, Alabama and South Carolina by providing housing, food and weekly house meetings. Suffolk County with her husband John and is a mother of eight children and believes in living life in all area of live abundantly. Minimize risk with the combined purchasing power of a group. Increase or decrease your financial holdings by pooling funds and investing together on a regular basis. You can choose your own level of financial commitment or participate and learn with no financial commitment. All transactions are transparent and books are open for anyone to review.